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A Few Questions About Tribey:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to register it?

-Check with your state laws for electric vehicles/bicycles. They usually go by the motor size. The Tribey has a 1000 watt motor.

Is it dangerous to ride?

-Yes, as with any device/machine/vehicle that does not remain stationary there is a risk to the user that it may cause death or serious physical injury. We are not going to sugar coat the fact that you should practice in a safe environment before you take it on the open road. It was featured at a very prestigious event in London, UK recently and the reports were glowing!

Should I buy one for my son or daughter?

-That is a decision that you will have to make, based on his or her skill level in snowboarding/surfing/skateboarding and such. There is always the option to regulate the speed set by your computer.

Do I have to stand on it? Can I sit down and ride it?

-We have designed a mod that consists of three parts, a seat, foot plates, and a torsion bar. Simply bolt them on and you are ready to go!

What is the charge time?

-A fully discharged battery usually takes about 4 hours to charge. However, the mounting plate for it allows you to swap out an old battery with a fresh one. Think of it as a power drill.

How far can I go on a charge?

-This depends on many factors including the terrain, traffic, weight, wind, battery age, and so on. We have gone 18 miles at full throttle on flat terrain with no traffic and light wind. This also depends on how many batteries you have mounted.

How old do you have to be to ride it?

-Check with your state laws for an electric vehicle/bicycle. The binding plates are adjustable for tall and short riders.

Does it matter if I'm goofy or regular for boarding style?

-No, you can rotate the binding plates to accept your style. Let us know before hand which one you are so we can make the adjustments for you.

How can I upgrade it?

-Where do we begin... Well, almost everything can be upgraded including the wheels, tires, motor, battery, compression springs, bindings, brakes, lights, horn. The rear assembly that inserts into the front assembly can be replaced with any custom rear assembly that has a connecting tube diameter of 1.25 inches. You can even attach a bicycle trailer, surf board rack, sound system, and so on. We have installed a mounting plate with 0.25 inch bolt holes that measures 5.25x5.25 to accept your mounting needs. The sky is the limit!